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When I was a practicing mechanical engineer, I was tasked with designing a big steel structure to be placed in high winds in the desert. I ran calculations and designed the structure. The parts were made in a factory, and shipped to the field for assembly. When construction was complete, my…

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We love lateralization of skills here. And slacklining (think tight-rope walking without the tight) is a great way to build a stronger core, better balance and coordination, and encourage healthy tissue sliding. Put it outside, and you’re getting some nature time and Vitamin D as well. I got a slackline…

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David is the best athlete I have ever known, and I’ve known many athletes. I met him when I was 12, and his athletic proficiency was clear even then. At the time, he had successfully convinced his dad to build him a halfpipe, and was learning “aggressive rollerblading” (it was…

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When I first started using a standing desk, fatigue and pain prevented me from standing as much as I had hoped. I wondered if there was something I was doing wrong, or how I could improve my standing. Then I found just the thing: Foundation Training exercises. With just a…

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[QS Admin]: This post is from our newest author, John. Read his intro piece here. I’ve stated before my belief that quality movement and quality health both come easiest to those who develop a strong “feeling” sense. Since our bodies, minds, and emotions are constantly responding to the foods we…

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[QS Admin]: We’re delighted to introduce a fantastic new author here at QS. John is a recovered couch potato turned recovering fitness addict who spent most of his childhood and teenage years sidelined by his chronically painful low back and feet. Today, he pursues practical studies in the manual, movement, and…

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